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Fountains of Youth

One summer night, Moose, the most secretive of a tight-knit group, doesn’t show up for the weekly hang. He’s never heard from again. Moose’s friends will spend years unraveling the mystery of his disappearance, but at what cost to their friendship?

Development  Recipient of a Research & Creation Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts

Dodi & Diana

A husband and wife travel to Paris to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, unearthing an uncanny connection to the star-crossed lovers that will alter the trajectory of their marriage.
Dodi & Diana Poster

Productions  COLT COEUR, NYC — World Premiere (Oct 2022)   Awards & Recognitions  FINALIST: O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, 2022  Development  SOUTH CAROLINA NEW PLAY FESTIVAL; THE MAGIC THEATRE, San Francisco

American Fast

Twenty-one-year-old college basketball sensation Khady Salama makes it to March Madness, only to become a flashpoint of controversy when she lies about observing the Muslim fast while competing in the tournament.

Productions  Rolling World Premiere: ARTISTS REPERTORY THEATRE, Portland, OR (Jan 2023)*, CITY THEATRE, Pittsburgh, PA (Apr 2023)*, INTERACT THEATRE, Philadelphia, PA (June 2023), CONSTELLATION STAGE & SCREEN, Bloomington, IN (Mar 2023), CAPITAL STAGE, Sacramento, CA (Jan 2024).  Awards & Recognitions  WINNER: Woodward/Newman Award, 2022; FINALIST: Crosswords Project Diverse Voices Playwriting Initiative; WINNER: Capital Repertory Next Act! New Play Summit, 2021  Development  COLORADO NEW PLAY SUMMIT, Denver Center, CO; CAPITAL REPERTORY THEATRE, Albany, NY; UC SANTA BARBARA LAUNCH PAD SERIES

A Distinct Society

A sleepy library that straddles the U.S./Canada border becomes an unlikely crossroads for five people from around the world when families separated by the "Muslim ban" begin using the library as a meeting place.