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A DISTINCT SOCIETY  Midwest Premiere


Some very skillful directorial decisions by Fahmy. The scene changes are little pieces of art that audiences would applaud except it would disrupt the action. Life & Times Chicago

Fahmy’s words and direction are a beautifully balanced equation of the confusion, anger, and raw emotion of bigotry and nationalism. — Third Coast Review

[A] stellar production. Beautifully executed. Packs an enormous amount of theatrical excellence into the hour and a half run time — People & Places

THE FIFTH DOMAIN  World Premiere


The show is beautifully staged [with] fine performances from all of the actors, who are well-directed by Kareem Fahmy. Broadway World Baltimore

Kareem Fahmy directs the show at a brisk clip. A dramatically fun and exciting ride with top-notch acting. — DC Theatre Arts

FIREFLIES  Utah Premiere

Fireflies Poster

Sweet, simple, and sometimes sublime. The cast of stage and screen veterans fills out the characters with superbly nuanced, enjoyable performances, skillfully directed by Kareem Fahmy. Broadway World

An absolute must-see. Fahmy's direction is clear through every moment of the play. What Fireflies is able to capture, that many similar plays fall flat of, is an intense realism. The house on stage instantly feels well lived-in. The characters are fully-dimensional real people. — Utah TheatreBloggers

A comforting, crowd-pleasing success. The appropriately low-key direction by Kareem Fahmy emphasizes quiet, simple moments.  — Salt Lake Magazine

YASMINA'S NECKLACE  New Jersey Premiere

Yasmina's Necklace Poster

Voted one of the Top 12 New Jersey Theatre Productions of 2019 by

A must-see. The play is superbly directed by Kareem Fahmy and features a cast that brings Malik's beautifully crafted, emotive, yet entertaining story to life. This production addresses timely issues with sensitivity, heart, and just the right amount of humor. Broadway World

Director Kareem Fahmy adeptly keeps the action moving smoothly from location to location. Yasmina’s Necklace shows what often happens to refugees to America, haunted by their past as they attempt to establish a new life.  NJ Arts Maven

Director Kareem Fahmy has brought Ms. Malik’s vision to life in the most remarkable way through spot-on casting, great pacing of the realistic dialogue and smart staging.  — Westfield Leader

Yasmina’s Necklace is an exquisite play, and it is an honor to see it. It is a work of rare skill and charm brought to life by an outstanding cast and a sensitive director. Out in Jersey

REFUGE*MALJA*ملج  World Premiere

Refuge*Malja Poster

The play depends on its flashbacks and lots of expeditionary dialogue to move its story along, but director Kareem Fahmy keeps a gentle pace so that the shifts in time and distance are clear. The opening night audience was captivated by the production’s ethereal nature. Portland Press Herald


Though the show sometimes reels in its abundance of symbols and motifs the flavor of these scenes is richly imagined and their stagecraft strikingly realized.  Portland Phoenix


Alternating Currents Poster

The cast is delightful...thanks to strong direction by Kareem Fahmy, we don't miss a beat. The scenes flow together making this puzzle come together flawlessly. Theater That Matters

Kareem Fahmy has expertly directed this helter-skelter through the many spaces of Electchester. — Stage Biz

Alternating Currents perceptively explores the messy realities of living and laboring in NYC, and, by extension, the United States today. Culture Catch

THE MECCA TALES  New York Premiere

The Mecca Tales Poster

Fahmy does an incredible job of charting the ever-shifting power dynamics between Mecca's characters by adjusting their positions and facings across the stage as if they were brushstrokes comprising a master painting. BroadwayWorld

A stunning gem. This beautifully written theatrical piece by Rohina Malik featured a remarkable cast and the finest direction by Kareem Fahmy.  BroadwayWorld New Jersey

Malik's foregrounding of underrepresented voices enriches the tapestry of contemporary American theater. — Culture Catch

A touching, humorous look at a transformative religious journey, as seen through the eyes of women. Edge Media

3/FIFTHS  World Premiere 

3/Fifths Poster

Visually and conceptually, “3/Fifths” is extraordinary. Relentlessly provocative, intricately imagined satire.  The New York Times

★★★★ The insidious brilliance of SupremacyLand lies in the way that Scruggs, along with directors Tamilla Woodard and Kareem Fahmy, co-opt the conventions of immersive theater to deliver a powerful message.The show offers what may be one of the most uncomfortable experiences you'll ever have at a theater—and that's precisely the point. — TimeOut

Disquieting, to say the least. — The New Yorker

Eye opening from moment to moment, the production is an act of great daring and discomfort. — The Village Voice

INDIAN HEAD  World Premiere

Solidly directed by Kareem Fahmy, Indian Head is an insightful, effective, often wonderfully theatrical production. —

Timely, disturbingly thought provoking. Director Kareem Fahmy plays us like a violin, and this play remains with you.  QOnstage

THIS TIME  World Premiere

This Time is a skillfully constructed, beautifully acted play about one woman’s quest for liberation. The director, Kareem Fahmy, makes the transitions seamless.  The New York Times, Critic's Pick

Director Kareem Fahmy creates some lovely moments... crafting a sad, nostalgic love letter to youthful, whirlwind romances. — Theater Is Easy

Fahmy’s swift staging wastes no time. This Time reveals itself a full-fledged tragedy, succeeding as an achingly human story.  — HowlRound 

Fahmy’s direction was clear, precise, and acute. Fahmy brought the requisite care and attention to a work that required extra sensitivity given the cultural specificity of the play.  Arab Stages


Named one of Upstage-Downstage's Best Plays of 2015

A riveting theatrical experience, smartly directed by Kareem Fahmy, boasting a terrific ensemble of actors. — Talkin' Broadway

Masterfully designed and performed, with nuanced characters and writing. It flows wonderfully. — Quick Theatre

A penetrating, suspenseful spy drama. Seven effective cast members provide the fireworks under the savvy direction of Kareem Fahmy. — Wolf Entertainment Guide

 A FIRST CLASS MAN  World Premiere 

This crowd-pleasing drama...entertains quite efficiently.  The New York Times

Director Fahmy has staged with grace and elegance, creating a lovely, involving, briskly paced, and entirely professional work of theatre. He is a talent to watch.


Director Kareem Fahmy is at once bold, firm, and delicate. Under his helming, the play's many  shifts in tone are seamless, as are the interludes of dance, music, and movement.   TheaterMania


Fahmy has so cannily brought [the play] to life that audiences are in for a theatrical experience that is at once stimulating and cathartic. — OffOffOnline


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5/18/2023 – SILK ROAD INSTITUTE'S THE STORY SO FAR: Kareem Fahmy on grappling with multiple identities in his writing. 

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